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Complete Collection of the Lapidary Journal

Complete collection of the Lapidary from 1947 to present. In June 2007 the Lapidary Journal was renamed Lapidary Journal Jewelry Artist.

In its first year (1947 vol. I) it was published April, July and October. For the years 1948 (vol. II) to 1962 (vol. XVI) it was published 6 times per volume. The sequence was as follows: April #1 (1948), June #2 (1948), August # 3 (1948), October # 4 (1948), December #5 (1948) and February #6 (1949).

This chronological sequence continued until February 1962. Starting April 1962 it has been published monthly until December 2010. In 2011 there have been 9 issues printed, January-February, May-June, September-October are combined into 3 issues. All others issues cover a single month. As this listing has been posted in December 2011 we cannot determine future publications dates. We will however continue to maintain it as a complete collection.

All copies from 1947 to 2001 are stored by year in hard shell cases as shown. Years following are loose.

The condition of the copies from earlier years show some wear but are still very readable. In general copies after 1980 are nearly new to new condition.

We estimate the shipping weight around 600-700 lbs. It would be preferred to have this collection picked up by the purchaser. If we are to ship a packing and crating fee of $200.00 would apply and be shipped F.O.B. Calgary . Freight to be prepaid.

Cost for this one of a kind collection is $6,000.00 (sorry, individual copies not for sale).

$6,000.00 CDN.       $4,560.00 USD.