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Shipping Informations - FAQ's

Shipping Information

Is there a minimum purchase?

Yes, the minimum purchase is $25.00 plus tax.

Do you charge shipping?
Yes, shipping charges will be calculated at time of processing. When you place your order online and get a confirmation by email that only
shows the merchandise plus tax. The average minimum shipping cost starts at $20.00 plus taxes, other additional costs might apply.

Is there any additional cost?
Yes, a $5.00 handling fee is applied to shipping charges.

What's the shipping service used?

Your parcel will be shipped via Regular 4th Class Mail (Canada Post).
If you do have an account with a courier service (UPS, FedEx, etc.) let us know so we can use it to ship the parcel to your location. We also use Grey Hound *collect*.
Methods of payment.
Visa and MasterCard

Can I pay for my order online using a Gift Card, Visa Debit card, MasterCard Debit card, or Prepaid Credit Card?

No. For online and over the phone orders we only accept credit cards with registered addresses: Visa and MasterCard.

When shopping online/over the phone/mail: we currently cannot accept Gift Cards, Debit cards, Visa Debit card, MasterCard Debit card, Prepaid Credit Card.

When providing either Visa or MasterCard numbers, please make sure to provide:

a) The cardholder billing/statement address (same address that you registered your credit card with).

b) The name that appears exactly as shown on card, for example if "Mrs.", "Mr." or any initials are printed on the card please make sure to provide them so to avoid delays in processing your order. The complete name as shown on the card.

c) Valid credit card number and expiration date.

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