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This image is for example purposes only. Please be aware that each specimen is unique, and variations will occur.

Sand Fulgurites are created when lightning strikes the Earth and locally melts quartz sand.

When this occurs, the sand is instantly super heated (air temperatures may temporarily reach 10,000-30,000 degrees Celcius) and fulgurites can then form, tracing the path the lightning took, generally decreasing in diameter and sometimes branching as they descend.

Fulgurites often take the form of tubes, sometimes exceeding 30 mm. or more in diameter, and are known to exceed 8 meters in length (although this great length makes their recovery as a whole impossible as they are extremely fragile). The outer surfaces are often rough with adhering, unfused quartz sand grains. If they are tubular, the inner surfaces are usually smooth and glassy.

Location: SW Egypt
Average Size: 2"long x 1/2" wide

Sizes and prices vary. $35-$50

$35.00 CDN.